Complementary Services

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BTL production and design is just a part of our business. Corporate customers, operating hundreds of retail outlets require total approach. Origami provides delivery of any BTL materials to chain stores, warehouses and regional sales representatives. Promotional items can be shipped as individually prepared sets, different for all destinantions. Logistics process is monitored on-line. After a campaign, customers are provided with detailed, written report of execution, often with photos.

Merchandising and Shelf Management
To match distribution services perfectly, we also offer professional merchandising and shelf management services. All actions are documented in a form of photographic report, with exact date and hour when the assignment has been completed.

Co-packing services can be delivered in various combinations:

  • re-packing of products into retail packaging
  • labeling
  • making of retail bundles
  • thermal shrink-wrapping
  • label printing
  • package design

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