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Welcome to Origami World

Origami World is a synonym of modern, complex BTL services. It's a turn-key solution, incorporating complete process of BTL sales support, from creative concepts, thru graphic design, 3D modelling, display space simulation, manufacturing process with the use of the most modern technologies, to full logistics suport with assembly, servicing and on-line reporting.
The proposed business model is widely acclaimed by our customers, enabling one-stop-shop solution for any marketing project execution, yelding substantial time and cash savings.
Vast experience of our team, deep knowledge of technology and extensive production and logistics base allow us to turn any, even most complicated project into reality.

Product palette
We make all market's popular BTL formats, such as hangers, displays, dispensers, shelf stoppers, display toppers, banners, display boards and street displays, as well as custom forms such as complicated displays with LED lighting, made of premium grade materials. Imagination is the limit.

Creative services
Our creative department prepares classic 2D graphic design as well as three-dimensional, sophisticated BTL forms. Thorough understanding of design principles, materials used and tight cooperation with production unit delivers top-notch final results.

Production services
Our BTL products are created with many different technologies, such as offset printing (hybrid and classical), UV-curated printing, latex printing, CNC cutting and milling of glass, metal, wood and plastics, thermoforming. In case of complicated, custom tailored displays options are tested by prototyping. Technology knowledge and experience make our portfolio very differentiated.

Distribution and assembly serices
Any promotional events in a retail network most often require advanced logistics, with one-time BTL materials distribution to all outlets. Many years of experience in that field helps us with smooth execution. Specialized store furniture and displays installation are carried by a team of qualified and trained craftsmen.

After completing of assembly or delivery, we can prepare a complete report, with photographic and/or movie documentation.

Direct sales support
Our offer is complemented by services going well beyond traditional BTL production. Upon request of the customer, we can carry shelf management, merchandising and product distribution.

Our clients

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