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Standard method for artwork delivery is FTP transfer, directly to our secure server. All customers have their separate accounts, with individual login and password. Contact your account manager to obtain all necessary information.


Job specification:

  • netto size
  • number of pages
  • paper stock
  • number of colors (any color beyond CMYK palette should be Pantone specified)
  • finishing (matt/glossy film, UV/aquaeous coating)
  • binding method
  • production run

Artwork format

  • composite production-ready PDF, separated with a profile appropriate for chosen printing media. Standard preferred profiles are Coated Fogra39 for coated stock and Uncoated Fogra29 for uncoated stock.
  • do not embed separation profiles in PDF files

CTP screening

  • by default, all offset printing jobs have 175 lpi screen ruling

Selective UV varnish and diecuts

  • selective varnish masks and diecut plots can be embedded in production files, but must be defined as an extra color (beyond CMYK), named appropriately (eg UV, diecut) and set to overprint - both fill and outline

General prepress rules

  • bleeds must be set to 3 mm or more, around all pages
  • resolution of raster graphics (eg photos) embdedded in production files should be approx. 270-300 ppi. Resolution lower than specified can degrade quality of printing.
  • all extra colors, beyond CMYK palette must be Pantone specified
  • minimum type height, reproduced with 1 color should be more than 6 pt;
  • minimum type height when printed in reverse or as CMYK color, should be more 8 pt.
  • minimum line weight is 0,2 pt.
  • lines printed in reverse or with more than one color, should be thicker than 0,75 pt.
  • recommended trap value is 0,05 mm (0,144 pt)
  • important elements on page should offset 5 mm from trimming.

Signed certified digital proof is mandatory as a color reference, and is the only
Any jobs including hot-stamping, embossing, diecutting and varnishing should be accompanied with appropriate masks or outlines, provided in PDF files.
Only complete and error-free digital artworks are accepted.


Job specification

  • trim size
  • media type and thickness
  • printing run

Artwork format

  • RGB JPEG saved with maximum quality settings, or RGB TIFF, all with color profile used in previous processing (the best is Adobe RGB 1998)
  • PDF files should be saved in 1.3 version
  • file naming should be without any special.
  • medium format printing (up to 100 x 100 cm) requires 150-200 ppi artwork files, with 3 mm bleeds;
  • large format printing (billboards, large format banners) requires 72-150 ppi artwork files, with 10 mm bleeds;
  • artwork file should not include any trim marks, just the bleed.
  • file naming should include destination size in millimeters, eg xxx_500x700.jpg

Special shape cutting

  • cutting line should be provided in separate PDF file, with dimensions matching the printing artwork

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